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as the president's team. martha: there is early voting happening soon in virginia. we find that to be the center of the pitical universe for both of these campaigns. both are holding events. governor mitt romney attends a rally in springfield while president obama makes remarks today in virginia beach. 13 electoral votes in virginia up for grabs. president obama took that state, first time in a long time a democrat had done that. republicans trying to win it back on the road to 270. bill: watch virginia. we'll be there in couple weeks. talked about ohio yesterday. in the meantime we're just getting started. small business owners speaking out about their future and their plans. what they are saying what they would and would not do in today's economy and who is to blame for it. that is coming up. martha: serious concerns about possible flawed polling in the race for the white house. the critics argue the polls may be skewed in the president's favor. we'll break this down when we come back. >> look, it was not easy to dig out the numbers. they're not printed in the pages of new york tiles. you have
iowa. joe biden heads to the same state today. paul ryan will head to new hampshire and virginia later. iowa has six electoral votes and they're getting all kinds of attention and lets you know how every single vote counts in the election. martha: crowd in iowa. many states will enjoy that kind of attention as we go through the process. bombshell senate report highlighting serious abuses we want to tell you. errors in how the social security administration doles out disability benefits that report, found more than a quarter of those benefits should never have been awarded. according to one estimate the average lifetime disability award gets sent out, $300,000. and this is why this report matters. last year some 10.6 million people received more than $128 billion in disability insurance payments. everybody wants them to go to the right people. the problem it looks like a quarter of them are going to people who don't deserve them or do not need them. stuart varney joins me right now, anchor of "varney & company" on the fox business network. this is a tom coburn-led report. he has always
in the south. and they won virginia last time and won north carolina. and, florida. obviously, those three states are critical to the -- any victory, either side. and we think we can win all three of those and win those three states plus ohio and, wisconsin and, missouri, which we won last time and we have over 270 electoral votes and they've got to basically take something out of the mix and take north carolina, florida, ohio, out of the mix and it is hard to get to 270 but i think, we are well positioned at this point. >> bill: this is a battle ground state and a lot of folks before 2008 would not consider it that way. look at the other battleground states now and look how close the polling numbers are. this is iowa, obama, 45, romney, 44.8. colorado, obama, 47.6, romney, 46. ohio, obama, 46.6, romney, 45.2. virginia, obama, 47.3, romney, 46.7. they are all within the margin of error, ed? >> every, single one of these states is competitive and every, single one of those states are winnable for romney. he has to win them all, obviously, but, at the end of the day, what traditionally happe
% in ohio. in virginia, obama biden is up by 7% as well. we know that there is a bus tour planned for ohio for the romney campaign and we'll talk to them in a little while. let's bring it to monica tkroul crowley, and doug schoen, both are fox news contributor and friends of this tprapl. goo this program. good to have you. martha: those are the headlines we saw in these three states. you have likely voters who are extremely interested in the election. the numbers taoeupbt up quit tighten up quite a bit. doug this would be a good argument or turn out and firing up the base for both sides, right? >> absolutely, martha, there is conflicting data on the subject, the gallop swing state poll out today shows that democratic enthusiasm is up, and up significantly. there is a distinction between enthusiasm being um and thos up and those particularly interested. awful this says is will governor romney to have a chance to succeed in -ts the swing states has to get his extreme partisans out and hope the president obama discouraged voters are less enthusiasm enthusiasm as i can about voting. martha: mi
of virginia. and i think his message of fighting for the middle class, fighting for better working conditions will resonate here in charlotte. one of my hopes is that after this convention there will be real conversations amongst those who are in the service union service, excuse me, sector here in charlotte about how would their lives be different if they worked as a unionized hotel? walking down the street last night i ran into four union organizers from the seiu who successfully organized the folks who clean offices in wilmington at night. there are a lot of union organizers here in town. it may have a lasting impact on those people. we'll see. bill: those people have jobs but in this county alone, mechanic henneberg county, you're at 10%. statewide is 9.6%. how tough of a sell is that when it comes to the jobs and economy and democratic message this week, senator? >> bill, the main focus you will hear from our nominee, from barack obama, our president and joe biden, delaware's own joe biden, our vice president a relentless focus on middle class, high quality jobs. expanding access to heal
and north africa? and what about the u.s. response? randy forbes, republican from virginia and member of the house armed services committee. well kel. what are we going to do about this? >> bill, obviously the first thing we have to do is assess all the facts and make sure we have those before we make any kind of reaction but i think what we're going to see that the administration foreign policy is collapsing across the world right now. the president came in and told us people in the middle east would love us more. i don't think exactly what we're seeing when we look at these news clips. the other thing we're finding out you can't lead from behind. we've got to be leaders and we've got to show some strength there. we have to make sure when we have embassies anywhere in the world, when we have representatives representing us ambassadors or anybody else we make sure we protect them and offer that protection. we're looking at facts to see if that protection was there and exactly what breakdowns we had. bill: what do you think is the proper response based on what we think we know now? >>
in the ultimate decision in early november. larry sabato, from university of virginia. great to see you. >> i'm doing great. bill: we missed each other in charlotte. what do you make of the number? what does it say about a convention bounce? what does it all mean? >> i don't think it means a whole lot because historically bounces fade. takes a couple of weeks for the convention bounce fade i do think it is significant mitt romney didn't get a bounce and president obama did. obama's bounce is modest from historical standards but it's still a bounce. i think the romney people will have to ask some hard questions about why they didn't get an overall bounce though i need to note he did get a bounce in some of the internals. he didn't get a bounce in the horse race. if you're going to vote today for mitt romney or barack obama which one would you choose he didn't get a bounce there. he got a bounce in the personal evaluations. that it went up. his likeability went up, that kind of thing. but it is interesting. last three times, bill, last three sets of convention the guy holding the second convent
.3% of eligible military voters requested ballots as of week and a half ago. north karlt line 1.7%. virginia, 1.4. florida at 15.7%. the group's director tells us that military voting could be depressed by as much a third and calls for a greater effort to get the vote out. >> we could once again face an election as we have in past years where our men and women in uniform aren't able to have their voices heard on election day and it is really, it is too bad. our servicemembers have so much on the line. they're not only overseas fighting for our rights but in some ways they're fighting for their own rights too. >> reporter: members of the military register with their home states to vote but in 2009 congress passed the military and overseas voter empowerment act to help with the voting process, martha. martha: so what does the department of defense say about all this, eric? >> reporter: the head of the pentagon voting program says registration is running about the same as in 2004, the last time an incumbent president was running and she says military voting assistance has never been better. she ci
is chairman of the 2012 virginia victory fund and also a fox news contributor. welcome gentlemen. good to have you here. >> hi, martha. martha: alan, is mitt romney sort of articulating the debate here in a way and by bringing up those comments by then, senator barack obama in the original comments? does it become more defined? >> "joe the plumber" incident four years ago didn't hurt barack obama. in terms of the 1998 tape that you played, he said distribution of resources, government resources. he didn't necessarily say money, said to a certain level. isn't tax breaks for the rich redistribution? breaks for small businesses redistribution? thinking the money will trickle down redistribution? he wasn't talking specifically about money but if we want to specifically focus on money, we could look at the trickle down theories of redistribution of wealth. we found out over a number of years that that kind of redistribution, making wealthy, wealthier has not worked in terms of it helping the lower income people. so that is redistribution, isn't it? martha: all that may be true but my question reall
numbers and those all show by margins of 5 points, 7 points, 9 points in states like florida, and virginia, and ohio that the obama camp is out to a lead. i don't think the margin is as information as the trend and the trend is definitely at this point towards the president. martha: let's take a look at another number that is one of the internal numbers in this fox poll and it goes to, is it extremely important to you that your candidate wins. we have it's ebbs tree lee important my candidate wins, the number is 63% now. obama supporters 59%, it's extremely important. this obviously goes to intensity. how fired up people are at the bases of both of these parties. it looks like the obama camp there is gaining a lot of traction as well. >> it was a 10 point lead in terms of great interest now it's a 4-point lead. this all tracks with the sense that the election is moving in obama's direction, which is why this debate next wednesday, the first presidential debate is so information, because it rile is romney's last, best chance to change the dynamic: people ask me how does very to do it. i th
lynn and virginia governor bob mcdonnell, all pushing the theme, are you betting off than you were four years ago. here is what sean spicer, communications director for the rnc told me about their messaging. >> we saw a lot of comments sunday morning where the top surrogates couldn't answer the fundamental question is america better off than four years ago. those kind of gaps give us a opportunity to drive our message on a daily basis. >> reporter: they have a nascar painted up romney-ryan 2012. that is something as well. something ronald reagan ran on in 1980. they hope it works well this fall. bill: how are they getting the message out, john? what is the strategy? >> reporter: they're doing number of things. they're taken over nascar headquarters. they have space in nascar headquarters that is popular tourist destination. they're holding a press conference there in an hour. they're going by radio row. they have props they gave out at a little press party last night a little lego kit. says on the back, you didn't build that. package of kleenex, says breaking up is hard to do, trying to
today. on a bus tour in ohio for next two days and they go to virginia. governor is cutting down fund-raisers that he has been having in doing campaign events and meeting people. continuing to battle back against the obama campaign. negative advertisements the president admitted last night sometimes go over board. here is is from the "60 minutes" overtime webcast. >> do we see sometimes us going overboard in our campaign, mistakes that are made or, you know, areas where there is no doubt that somebody could dispute how we are presenting things? you know, that happens in politics. >> reporter: that happens in politics. to counter all of that mitt romney is going to begin to go into more detail than he has in the past particularly on jobs. martha we'll hear a lot more about that during his bus trip this ohio. martha: he has a busy week ahead of him. you're in pueblo, colorado, john, where you mentioned. that is where governor romney will have an event couple hours from now. were pueblo and why colorado today? >> reporter: you might ask why pueblo. president beat john mccain in this coun
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)